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At the 1998 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote, Jobs announced that the company was back on track.

Jobs reviewed the i Mac, introducing Ozzie Osborne (general manager of speech systems at IBM) to demonstrate Via Voice.He reviewed Mac OS 8.5 (released in October 1998), announced Mac OS 8.6, previewed Sonata (scheduled for release in fall 1999) and delivered an update on Mac OS X Server 1.0.Jobs said that in the Darwin open-source software program there were over 20,000 registered developers and over 175,000 component downloads, describing the three application environments on the Darwin-Quartz foundation.Jobs showed a Power Mac G4 TV ad, and introduced the Apple Cinema Display.On October 5, 1999, Jobs said that Akio Morita of Sony had died two days earlier, announced the Mac OS 9 and described the nine internet power tools.

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