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Some will cite Dylan and there they have an argument.Certainly much of Dylan’s early work, especially his rambling esoteric electric phase, had a Ginsberg inspired Dada-esque quality to it that was symbolic of free form yet rhythmic poetry.Before his most endearing collaboration with us, the iconic artwork for 1973’s Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy, he illustrated the cover and edited (along with Mike Dempsey) my first collection of complete lyrics The One Who Writes The Words.His pedigree was flawless, and his history was indelibly intertwined with the fantastical and the psychedelic.

I’m thankful he allowed me access to his eyes, his beautiful vision and inspired madness.

LEONARD & LEON: AN APPRECIATION I haven’t been immediate in my response to the passing of Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell because I preferred a little time to let the initial waves roll in and give myself time to assess their impact on my life.

In the fledgling years of my career when my partner and I were grasping at straws and navigating our creative maze, both of these artists (in radically different ways) brought us solace and inspiration freshening our outlook and washing us clean in the glorious rain of their individual storms.

I’m not nostalgic, I live very much in the present, but my time in the company of Alan Aldridge bears not one second of regret.

We had a blast; we did some wonderfully creative things together, and for a golden moment in time, we ruled Barbados and were kings of the world.

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