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Generell muss man also annehmen, dass sich nicht nur Internet- und Online-Datingnutzer insgesamt, sondern auch die User eines ganz spezfischen Matchingverfahrens von der Gesamtbevölkerung unterscheiden.deutlich, wo die Teilnehmer bei der Frage nach ihrem Soziotyp auch mehrere Typen angeben konnten.

Insgesamt waren bei einigen Typen recht viele Mitglieder über ihre Typzuordnung unsicher.

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Here you will learn how to use socionics in many areas of life: in education, medicine, manufacturing, public services, management and politics, about a place of in psychology and other sciences, and its benefit for their development. Disclosing and correction of the interpersonal relationships. Knowing this laws results in favourable organization of the society, in the development of the culture of cooperative communication and hence in social progress.

Family and children The family microclimat in dual and other families and how it influences children.

If people in families have human (dual) relationships, it provides more secure and human world around us.

Psychology Socionic technologies for psychologists. Training for managers to help them better understand people and their potential. Each of us can get help in finding our way in life and happiness.

Politics Discovering the potential of people and their natural interactions for qualitative realization of negotiations and forecasting of political events. Health In duality psychosomatically induced illnesses disappear and immune system strenthens. Discovering the nature of relationships between family members and their correction. Education Raise your children in the best possible way, knowing their character and abilities from the early age. We can find new approaches to social problems thus harmonizing the whole society.

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