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Begun in 1997, the study was supposed to last 8.5 years.

But by 2002 it was halted: the NIH announced that the treatment led to an increased risk not only for heart attack, but also breast cancer and stroke. Suddenly, a drug that had been recommended to all menopausal women as a preventative was something to use with caution, only in women with unbearable symptoms and for the shortest duration possible.

These efforts appear to have had the intended effect.

Surveys of ob-gyns in the years since the WHI have consistently found that about half don’t believe the results of the government study, which included more than 16,000 women. If you get to enough key opinion leaders, then marketing messages become conventional wisdom.

Pharma's race for a 'pink viagra' finally has a winner, and the promises for it are grand.

Osphena, as the recently FDA-approved drug is called, is the newest answer for painful sex.

It’s been a fraught process, in which pharma has been accused of inflating numbers and has failed time and again to satisfy drug safety regulators at the FDA.

Even while hormone replacement therapy was on the rise, the National Institutes of Health launched the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study to examine large-scale prevention efforts to address threats to women’s health like heart disease and breast cancer.

Part of the study would test whether estrogen protected women from heart disease, as the drug companies had long claimed.

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