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She asked about me and my work, after telling my details, I asked her details about her family, work etc and came to know that she was working in a private company and she was very young, 22 years.

I told her that you are 8 years younger to me, she said, fine, age is not important.

I asked her whether she would continue friendship with me after marriage for which she said that she wants to continue friendship with me and asked me not to break the friendship for which I agreed. After a few minutes, I got a reply with a mobile number and asked me to provide my mobile number and also to send a message and that she would reply. The internet was very slow and I sent a message that internet is slow, can we chat in Gmail.During the conversation, I asked what “presentation” she wants for her marriage, she said, she will think over and tell me.After some time, she called me and that told me that she wants a presentation which should be remembered throughout her life and it should not get destroyed.

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