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This tradition of giving a scent to one's guests continues to this day in many parts of the Eastern world.

Among Sufi worshipers the use of Ittars during meditation circles and dances is quite common.

The most famous users of Attar include the natives of Indian Subcontinent and Arabia.

It has been part of their cultural lifestyle for decades.

The aging period can last from one to ten years depending on the botanicals used and the results desired.

Technically ittars are distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil/liquid paraffins using hydro distillation technique with deg and bhapka.

Some of the first lovers of ittars were the Mughal nobles of India.

A few examples of the warm Attar included Amber, Musk, Oud, and Saffron.

They were used to increase the body temperature during cold seasons.

Cool Attars were used in summer to bring some cooling effect on the body.

It was later refined and developed by al-Shaykh al-Raisa great Muslim physician who made a distinctive type of aromatic product.

He was referred to as Abi Ali al Sina, regarded as a noble Doctor who ever lived.

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