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In the end, gun owners who are legally carrying their firearms should feel free to ignore these little no gun signs.

These signs do not hold any legal restrictions over your right to carry.

If my car gets broken into and my gun stolen while I am in Starbucks shouldn’t the coffee shop be held liable?

Note that the sign only prevented legal, law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves.

The law states that a mere store owner cannot hamper people’s civil and Constitutional rights just because they have private property rights.

One right, in other words, does not trump all–or any single–other rights.

Therefore, it is perfectly logical to state that if a store cannot refuse to serve a gay or a person of a particular race or religion because this refusal violates their Constitutional rights, then a store owner cannot act to prevent a patron from observing their Second Amendment rights, either.

But, some may still be stuck on the whole idea that a private business has certain rights to say what they want allowed on their own premises.

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