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The draft proposal has been grounded in 6 expertise workshops, in conjunction with several online debates.

The draft proposal has been grounded in 6 expertise workshops, in conjunction with several online debates.Članak analizira proces pentekostalizacije kršćanstva na globalnoj razini.

Lo scopo principale dell’articolo è quello di analizzare le cause di questo cambiamento, avvenuto a livello globale, e mostrare la penetrazione della religiosità pentecostale nelle comunità cattoliche in Polonia.

La Chiesa cattolica mondiale – respingendo decisamente ogni forma della banalizzazione del diavolo – dovrebbe difendere la propria specificità della comprensione del demonio, fedele alla Tradizione e apperta agli attuali dati scientifici.

One of the most important tasks, facing contemporary philosophy, is not so much overcoming nihilism, as understanding its essence and looking for appropriate forms of ethics.

Nihilist ethics of mercy is possible, with the reservation that it is a variety of weak ethics, which ignores transcendence and is threatened by relativism.

Characterized by speaking in tongues, miracles, television evangelism, and megachurches, it is also known for its small-group meetings, empowerment of individuals and humanitarian concerns.

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Potrebna je sociološka i kulturološka dijagnoza, ali dublja analiza te pojave ne bi bila potpuna bez doprinosa znanstvenih disciplina kao što su filozofija religije, antropologija, etnografija ili etika.Central to Trotsky’s ethical reflection is the category of revolutionary morality, which refers to the dialectical dependency between means and ends.Dialectical dependency means that no revolutionary means are good unless they contribute to the emancipation of the masses, the liberation and moral improvement of people.The dynamic and worldwide process of pentecostalization is often referred to as “charismatization” of the Christian religion, or the birth of Pentecostal, charismatic or evangelical Christianity.In order to understand the very complex and multidimensional process of “charismatization”of Christianity, an interdisciplinary approach is required.

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