Friends runited dating

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But it was just another version of Pinterest to me.

And, unfortunately, the users voted with their feet." JP: "I was suddenly at a point where I was asking 'what's next?

We’d play around with bits and pieces, and it was really the advent of the internet that gave us the chance to try things out.” Steve Pankhurst: “We went freelance in the early 90s, but it was very boring, writing databases for insurance and pensions companies.

This was when the internet was really in its first boom, so we packed that job in with the idea of trying out some internet ideas.

And then we've got DC Thompson as well, which is a great help.

If anything gets traction we've got their clout to help us out this time. It's not really a big gamble for DC Thompson or us, because we're not going anywhere, so why not let us have another shot at it?

If we don't manage anything, then we've tried."JP: "We'll go for a new thing, do some prototyping, and when we're happy we'll quietly launch it somewhere, and use Friends Reunited where appropriate for marketing.

They pivoted it, when DC Thomson bought it they turned it into a memory picture board. I must admit, I thought it was brave, they spent a lot of money and time and effort on it.

The first social network to impact on popular consciousness (in the UK, at least) was conceived around a kitchen table in Barnet 15 years ago.

Friends Reunited was hugely popular, and profitable – enough to convince ITV to buy it for £120m in 2005.

It's been almost ten years, that's a whole generation.

They're not going to move from Facebook to this thing.

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