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'Turning Point: The American Civil War', located in the 9,200-square-foot Dubose Gallery, is one of the nation’s largest and most complete Civil War exhibitions.The museum has over 1,500 Union and Confederate artifacts, including cannons, uniforms, and flags, visitors experience the Civil War through the eyes of soldiers and a stately ante-bellum home of Benjamin Harvey Hill, lawyer, Georgia and United States congressman, is regarded as one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the state of Georgia.

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Stephens State Historic Park features a Confederate museum with one of the finest collections of Civil War artifacts in Georgia, including uniforms and documents. Stephens Historic Parkis the largest prison camp for Federal prisoners and now a national memorial to all American POWs.You and hundreds of other soldiers are packed together in this large fort. You feel the impact of large cannon balls smashing into the walls. You see hundreds of soldiers off in the distance and see their muskets and cannons being fired.When you begin to think of all that is lost, reinforcements come to the rescue. - Located on the bank of the Great Ogeechee River south of Savannah, this park is the home of the best preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy.No battlefield park of this quality and magnitude could be found in any other location in the world.Most of the 1,400 monuments and historical markers on the battlefields were planned and placed by Boynton and other veterans of the battles.

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