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When my sister is sleeping than i will go to her underware and i will remove it and than i start to play with her vignm its very nice i kiss it and suck it for 10 to 20 min and i will be 18 she is 16 still im doing....horny When I was 12, I use to make my 7 year old stepbrother go down on me. Old lot of college student running behind us as I was sexy and beautifull girls in my old friend is still in touch with me and I nicely celebrated holi festival with him on 25th of this month on maiting date. I just like toches of a circumised penis is better look like well dressed boy or better.guess as lo Anonymous I love it when big Bubba sucks on my luscious titties when I get out of shower soaking wet he licks me you know where then he slides inside with this long pork sword and takes me away Mike and night rescuing me from the castle sf fire dragonbad girl When i was 7 my sister was 5 i start to play with vignm. me and my bro was looking at porn and out of the blue is suck my co*k so i was 16 he was 20 his co*k was about 13in i was sucking and then my other bro came he is 15 he told me what is going on so i told him and he wanted his dick sucked too so i was like ok that day i got fu*ked soo hard in my ass it bros was mooneing after that day we have grope sex all the time. Anonymouswhen i was 14 my 5 yocousin caught me jacking off. he finally gave in and i told him we were going to play tag. I told him if he didn't do what I wanted, or if he ever told on me, I'd bite his little dink off! Then I pulled down his pants and underwear I saw his Penis I said eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww and walked away Sugar girldam.. I just like toches of a circumised penis is better look like well dressed boy or better.guess as long as his circumissed penis is clean and stuffs it does not really matter. Priyanka Mishra,student I think being a young college girl that circumised just looks better than uncircumised.prefer circumised penis specially in my mouth when my friend insist for oral hate uncut penis for oral sex because it looks bad look like ”Pig mouth” or elephent nose.I kind of played with it and told him it was my "toy." We were interrupted by my mother when she called downstairs, so he pulled his shorts back up. One day my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him if I can see his penis. I asked again and told him I just want to see what it looks like; that I wouldn't tell anyone else, etc (I guess I lied). Can do for my boyfriend,that some times does not require for him and do any thing in return,iy is the ultimate acceptance of him as his oh oh ah ah and it is very pleasure too when hear his that About a week later, we were alone again watching t.v. Evenetually, he said okay, so i went up to him and started to pull at his shorts. Razia I love&like cut penis into my sweet and rub iit with my soft tongque like I am sucking lolipup.

i asked what he was dong and he said nothing nervously. 1234Whan I was 14 my sister ask to my dick I let her but whan I did she got really really horny then she stared to sick it and jack it she told me to put it in her pussy and I so we did it all day long and did it the next day we do it every day now and she gets horny then and she ride my dick so fast but keep going on and on this is not a lie D.c Yes.We were playing around, throwing things at each other. In the heat of the moment, I told him I wanted to see what it looked like. I persisted and told him again that I wanted to see it. I walked over to him, and put his hands on my boobs, he seemed totally paralized, and didn't do anything, then I pulled off his sweatpants and his underwear, but I was really disappointed to see that it was the saddest ugliest little penis I have ever seen. It felt so funny, but so nice and sensual, all at once. We started playing truth or dare (I started it)and after I got him comfortable with it, I popped the question. I am punjabi girl and know the hardness of their c*one boyfriend is muslim and always given preference in date and enjoying every inch pleasure of his cut and nice penis. Ruby Srivastava.student I love&like cut penis into my sweet and rub iit with my soft tongque like I am sucking lolipup.I took an ice cube out of my drink and dropped it down his shirt. I grabbed it and this time walked over nonchalantly dropped it down his shorts. I jumped up, sat on his chest and put my hand on the bulge. I whispered that I wouldn't tell anyone and that I just wanted to know what it looked like. I pulled his shorts down, reached in his underwear and touched it. I took it out and stared at it, mesmerized by its shape, size and hardness. I couldn't keep myself from laughing at it, and I said "eww, I would never even touch that c*ck, seriously, a 5 year old boy could give me more pleasure than you" then I just walked away, and he's been trying to avoid me as much as possible since then. I probably saw it when I was small, but didn't think about it until I was about 11 or 12 and he was 14 or 15. Why because it is one of the most intimate things, I. I would also squeeze and twist his ugly little dink. The time I saw it was yesterd Ay because he was In the bathroom I came in I didn't see it so I tackled him. I'd make my lick my pussy and ass, even though he hated it.

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