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In addition to The Duke de Maine seeing that the mishap which he wished to others fel vpon him, tooke his way with great terrour toward Iury, leauing behind his ordinance, bagge and baggage, and as many beside as could not runne away so swiftly as he did, the great kill· Deuils Don Pedro Moreo, and Don Iuan de Cordoua, two Spanish Moores, with such as could follow them ran after him.—Antony Colynet, than a deck of playing cards.

However, once upon a time a simple deck of cards was viewed as a gateway to far more pernicious activities than simple games such as Old Maid or Whist.

transformational (adj.) and unmet need (n.): A pair of phrases one can weave into really any sentence about a new drug, as literally no one in the history of biopharma has touted its milquetoast pipeline of treatments for diseases that are perfectly well served already.

undruggable (adj.): A word meant to describe biological targets that cannot be reached by medicine, it is used almost exclusively by people at companies working on medicines for exactly those targets, thereby negating their “undruggability” and turning the phrase into nonsense on the order of “idiot-proof.” “In truth, I hate the term ‘undruggable,’ because it hamstrings the creative mindset necessary to hit a previously unaccessible target.” — Dr.

Ambrose Bierce began “The Devil’s Dictionary” in the late 1800s, creating a satirical lexicon he updated weekly before wandering off to Mexico to die.

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has gone through a number of shifts in meaning over the past several hundred years.

iotech can be a breeding ground for jargon, coded language, and outright nonsense, as investors and scientists probe the depths of linguistic absurdity to explain why the thing they do is just that much more special than all the other things out there.

We wanted to celebrate this proud tradition — and so, like a canny capitalist repurposing an old drug, we stole an idea.

For example, while some might see losing one’s job as bad, others might call it a clearing event for employment opportunities to come.

“Forty-four-month median OS in patients treated with Afinitor compared to 37.7 months for the placebo/crossover arm; not statistically significant but clinically meaningful.” — an ad for a Novartis cancer drug, spotted by gene therapy (n.): A once-definite phrase that has since nebulously expanded to cover, it seems, all of biotech.

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