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Please note that oldie, newbie, and middly are VERY controversial terms and if you use them you will be stampeded by a herd of multi-colored winged buffalos (hence buffalo wings).

Alias: Rarley used term for a CBer's name, usually not their name in real life. Owl, Regina, Somebody Na No: short for Na No Wri Mo, National Novel Writing Month.

Ex; "Hotel L' Faye" by the Teller of Tales (AKA Shadow Dragon). Character RP (noun): I don't really think there's a name for this, but this is when one participates in a roleplay in which you comment as your character as if you were them. In other words, try to make the first line of your new thread as plain and boring as possible... Also try to avoid using quotation marks because they sometimes show up as random punctuation. There are three that will be referenced: Camp Na No, the Na No Wri Mo that goes on in April and then July (I believe); Na No, which is for people 13 and older; and YWP, or the Young Writers' Program, for users 18 and under.

CAPTCHA (noun): The little spam box at the bottom of a page when you submit a post or a comment. To add on to the etiquette: Many people, sometimes when they are not proud of what they are posting, post under a name that is not their CB name.

Apparently, they had become overused and showed up everywhere, and most of the CBers who didn't have AEs became very, very frustrated.

Follow the directions on the site to choose a photo. The AE war was a big controversy (yes, I was there) where there was a very, very large arguement about AEs.

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