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64 pictures Friday 12/18/15 Sandra in her tight sheer leotard top, tight skirt, stockings and high heels, she ties her own legs and gags herself, finished with lots of rope by Delilah and serious tape gagging...58 pictures Monday 12/07/15 New Video Clip: Jogger girl Monica Belle has a bad morning and falls for a stupid ruse, zip tied, bound, cleave and tape gagged and finally stuck in the closet for safe-keeping...40 pictures Friday 01/22/16 Sexy party gurl Jocelyn L.returns in her crop top and tight hip-hugging skirt, first tied up and left in the hotel closet for several hours, then hogtied and abandoned on the bed...Offer is not transferable and not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Nothing stated herein will affect customers¡¯ legal rights.Forever 21 reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.Forever 21 may use, reproduce, distribute, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your User Content in any manner in its sole discretion, without any obligation or additional permission from you.You represent and warrant to Forever 21 that (i) you are over the age of 18, (ii) have the requisite right to transmit, distribute, replicate, and post the User Content, (iii) you are the copyright owner or have the copyright owner’s permission required to grant the rights to the User Content provided herein, (iv) you hold the rights necessary to grant the licenses described herein, (v) you have obtained the consent of each person, if any, depicted in the User Content, (vi) you are the parent or legal guardian of each child under the age of 13, if any, depicted in the User Content, and (vii) the User Content, and Forever 21’s use of the User Content as permitted under these terms and conditions, do not and will not violate, misappropriate or infringe any intellectual property rights, publicity rights or other proprietary rights of any third party.

She shivers and shakes but there's no escaping the insistent hum... 08/04/17 Allison Li returns in her cute and innocent uniform with a plaid skirt, fitted top and white stockings; she was just expecting some private lessons but had to be placed in a time out when she insisted on acting up... With office wear, spandex, ropes, tape and ballgags, lashed off in the mummy bag, and strapped in ballet boots... 11/15/16 New Video Clip: Kaitlynn with her arms tied back, put in the spreader bar, forced to suck Sandra's strap-on, ball gagged, and then bent over the sofa with her legs spread wide... 11/11/16 Gangster Gurl Kaitlynn Nguyen steps out of line and gets punished by Sandra, business suits, forced to lift her skirt, spreader bar tied and cuffed, ballgagged, Sandra with a strap-on and Kaitlynn made to bend over... 11/04/16 Kyra Pixie returns, dressed in her tight red club dress with retro stockings and garters, she gets a weird hypnosis MP3 on her phone and suddenly craves being tied up and helpless... 10/28/16 Ada Black returns, cute as always in her tight red top, posing and then cleave gagged, cross-legged and stuck in jail, with her strappy heels removed to show off her stocking feet... 10/21/16 Sandra in her puffy-shoulders dress suffers another time-out, tied up with a big ballgag strapped in her mouth, then stuck in the closet for hours and finally vetwrapped and pantyhose hooded... 10/17/16 New Video Clip: Monique probably shouldn't have answered that ad, she invites Sandra over and ends up hogtied, cleave gagged, vetwrapped, verbally teased and left alone and humiliated... 10/14/16 Monique returns in her red dress and corset; she didn't expect to get tied up when she answered Sandra's ad, but suddenly found herself bound, ball gagged, vet wrapped and finally left sniffing her own high heel... 09/30/16 Introducing Allison Li looking super cute in her short shorts, strapped up and ball gagged, spreader bar, then panties and panel gag and finally hogtied with her ankles crossed and utterly helpless... 09/26/16 New Video Clip: Monica Belle just wanted to have some fun but ends up paying the price, bound with panties in her mouth, tape gagged between her teeth, then chairtied, vet wrapped and literally shivering from the Hitachi... 09/23/16 Sexy party gurl Monica Belle returns in her houndstooth dress and strappy heels, she thought she was just meeting some guy for some bondage fun but didn't realize she was about to pay for betraying her friend! 09/16/16 Vivian Chen returns in her latex dress and corset, microfoam tape gagged and spread out on the floor with her arms overhead, then finally pvc hooded with nose holes and left with the Hitachi... 09/09/16 Maid Sandra returns, she's hopeless cleaning those carpets and is put in a strict punishment time-out, tied up with her mouth stuffed with panties till her cheeks are filled, with thin rope wrapped around to hold the gag in place... 09/06/16 New Video Clip: Jasmine Wong in trouble on her business trip to L. 08/09/16 New Video Clip: New gurl Kiora tied up in her black dress, first ball gagged for her first photoshoot, then cleave gagged and vet wrapped and left to think about what she's agreed to... 08/05/16 Introducing Kiora, a naive young CD who shows up to take some pictures, these young gurls never seem to understand that certain things are "expected" of them when they do a photoshoot! 08/02/16 New Video Clip: Dani Doll gets a second visit from her robber, tied up, cleave gagged with panties in her mouth, hogtied, then hooded, OTM gagged, and left helpless and alone... 07/29/16 Dani Doll's ordeal continues as she gets a follow-up visit in her kitchen, with panties in her mouth & cleave gagged; she puts up a fight and ends up hogtied, then OTM gagged, pantyhose hooded and abandoned... 07/22/16 Sandra in her shiny black pvc dress endures more chickenwing bondage at the hands of Delilah, tied with her arms pulled up high, ball gagged, hogtied and finally vetwrap gagged 49 pictures Fri. in her purple girdle gets microfoam tape gagged by the hotel handyman, onscreen gagging, great "mmphhing" and finally left with the Hitachi tied on her lap... 06/10/16 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns, first in her sleek pvc dress, frogtied and gwen hooded, then helpless in a heavily layered pantyhose hood..finally cleave gagged and left in a super strict hogtie... 04/01/16 Cute Ada Black returns, acting up in class and stuck in overnight detention, posing pretty, a few pics with stocking feet, then bound and gagged and finally spread out on the rack for a long night ahead... 40 pictures Friday 02/26/16 Elegant Sandra takes a walk on the wild side and gets seriously tied up, her arms pulled back in a strict chickenwing hogtie, panty gagged with vetwrap to hold it in place and finally blindfolded and left utterly helpless...She gets into a bind in the shady fetish club where she was sent, then ends up chairtied in the laundry room and finally mummified in the back bedroom as she's readied for transport... 11/16/17 An extra bonus update this week with a special guest story written by Eliselle Yu, more explicit and intense than what we normally see around here, featuring Sandra, who wonders what kind of trouble she's gotten into, with archive photos by Amber Katt and Paul Logan 54 pictures Mon. returns in her crop top and tight red skirt, and finds herself having another motel adventure, first on the bed and then left stuck all night in the closet, bound and secured and finally OTM gagged... 06/30/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her red blouse and finds her legs spread once again to show off her white panties, bound, ball gagged, clothespins, and left in a compromising position frogtied and on her back... 06/23/17 Polka-dot lady Sandra was surfing the web when she got a visit from Delilah, all tied up with a tight cleave gag, then lashed off to the table leg and finished off with a tight OTM gag for extra silencing... 04/04/17 New Video Clip: Kyra Pixie gets talked into bondage by her boyfriend out at an abandoned house, bound, ballgagged with a strict leather chin strap, then a layer of microfoam tape wrapped around... 03/31/17 Kyra Pixie gets talked into visiting an abandoned house in the neighborhood - tied up, ballgagged, then microfoam tape wrapped over her gag and finally left alone struggling in the dirt and lashed off to a tree 43 pictures Mon. 03/23/17 Downloadable PDF version of my photobook, "Caught! in her sexy black vinyl outfit first stuck in the closet ring gagged and drooling after trying to steal from the hotel safe, then left tied up and ballgagged on the bed... 03/03/17 Red Maid Sandra forced to take another time-out after messing up the laundry, stockings, garters and petticoats, tied in lots of white rope by Delilah, panel gagged and finally left hogtied on the hard floor... 02/27/17 New Video Clip: Police Lady Monica Belle cuffed and helpless, vetwrap cleave gagged onscreen, tied and struggling on the floor and then forced to endure the Hitachi for some amusement... 02/24/17 Police Lady Monica Belle just wanted to look hot for her first day on the force but never realized she'd end up wearing her own handcuffs while bound and gagged in a squatter's house! 02/17/17 Introducing Yuna Dee with Allison Li, first Yuna gets strapped up and ring gagged, then tied up and forced to relax with the Hitachi, then both end up surprised and tied up together... 02/14/17 New Video Clip: Professional lady Sandra locked in the jail cell, tied with lots of white rope, panties shoved in her mouth with a pantyhose cleave gag, then secured to the overhead winch... 02/10/17 Professional lady Sandra returns and finds herself secured and locked up in a dark jail cell for sharing company secrets, serious rope restraint and gagging is in order to keep her silenced and in line... 01/31/17 New Video Clip: Roxy Amaya in her sexy blue blouse struggling furiously while hogtied and harness gagged, with a visit from Sandra who adds a tight vetwrap gag and blindfold to the helpless gurl () Fri. in her sexy crop top and plaid skirt, first ballgagged and struggling, then duct taped over her ballgag onscreen, then yellow pvc tape and lashed off to the bathroom door, poor gurl! 12/27/16 New Video Clip: Sandra all dressed up in her professional attire gets into a bind, bound with her mouth stuffed and strap gagged, struggling by the phone, then chairtied, OTM gagged and rewarded with the Hitachi... 12/23/16 Professional lady Sandra in her black and white blouse and skirt combo surprised at home, bound in lots of rope with her mouth fully stuffed with panties held in place with a strap, then chairtied and OTM gagged... 12/19/16 New Video Clip: Kiora gagged and disciplined by Mrs.11/13/17 New Video Clip: TS Anna Sky gets into some trouble in the conference hotel room, in her cute brown blouse, tied up and cleave gagged, then struggling in the closet, pantyhose hooded and pleading as the closet doors slowly close on her... 11/10/17 TS Anna Sky returns in her cute brown blouse and skirt; somehow she just keeps finding herself in trouble, this time bound and cleave gagged in her hotel room before the conference, then pantyhose hooded and stuck in the closet... 11/06/17 New Video Clip: Monique returns and invites her new friend Sandra over to her house, they chat about bondage and Monique finds herself all tied up, vetwrap gagged and then sealed up with microfoam tape while Sandra thinks about going out... 11/03/17 Classy lady Sandra in her red skirt, polka dot top, full-fashion stockings and red heels, bound in lots of rope by Delilah, ball gagged and posture collared, down on her knees and hogtied... 10/30/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty in her blouse, tight skirt and lacey hose, frogtied with a tight crotchrope, harness gagged, blindfolded and left getting herself off while helplessly grinding against the floor... 10/27/17 Delilah Knotty returns in her cute blouse, tight skirt and lacey hose, first strapped up and cleave gagged, then playing with a huge pink ballgag, and finally frogtied and blindfolded and left humping the floor... 10/23/17 New Video Clip: Shana gets heavily gagged by her new friend Otto, all strapped up, big panties in her mouth with a tight cleave gag and lots of gag talk, she starts to get a little worried and wonders what she got herself into, later an OTM gag and even more worried... 10/20/17 "Salacious Shana" returns, she finally had the chance to experience bondage with a real gag, done by her new friend, although she didn't realize just how much of a creep he would turn out to be - strapped up, her mouth stuffed, cleave gagged, then OTM gagged... 10/16/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in that polka dot dress ball gagged with collar and neck strap, and hogtied and lashed off to the sofa; she gives it her all to get free with lots of energetic and frustrated struggling, all to no avail... 10/14/17 Monique returns in her sexy red dress and shiny hose, she was just looking for some tight sensual bondage but never thought her partner would leave her for the night, tied up in lots of rope with her mouth sealed up with microfoam tape... 10/10/17 New Video Clip: Jasmine Wong in her sexy red and black girdle and stockings, bound with a rope cleave gag, then vetwrap added and lashed down to the bed at her wrists and ankles... 10/06/17 Jasmine Wong returns in her all-in-one girdle and full-fashion stockings and gets into trouble in her little bungalow, bound with a rope cleave gag and panties in her mouth, then vetwrap, lashed to the bed and degraded with a dildo between her legs... 10/02/17 New Video Clip: Kera Valentina was just planning to dress and surf the web in her motel room but suddenly found herself hand-gagged, tied up, strictly cleave gagged, felt up, Hitachi'ed, pantyhose hooded and left all alone... 09/29/17 Introducing Kera Valentina, she checked into the wrong cheap motel (or maybe the right one! Looking sexy as ever in her sleek red Asian-style dress and blonde hair, tied first in a strappado while ring gagged and then helpless and hogtied in her hotel room... 07/25/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty dressed up in her Dorothy outfit and helplessly trying to get off. Strictly hogtied, ball gagged and blindfolded as she grinds against the floor... 07/20/17 Delilah Knotty returns in her Dorothy Gingham outfit and finds that Oz is a very strict place, bound and gagged in several different positions, hogtied, strapped up, panel gagged and blindfolded... 07/18/17 New Video Clip: Special Guest GG Alex Reynolds visits Sandra, dressed up like a cheerleader they chat and Sandra asks if she can tie Alex up first... Cleave gagged, bound, OTM gagged and finally her purse rummaged through... 07/14/17 Introducing Special Guest GG (genetic girl) Alex Reynolds. bound in her crop top, red skirt, stockings and heels, tied and ball gagged on the bed in her cheap motel, then stuck in the closet and secured for the night... 03/27/17 New Video Clip: Miki Lee visits photographer Otto Devoid, she wanted some nice glamour pics but just as she was getting ready to leave he had a suggestion to try something a little different... 03/24/17 Introducing cute TS Miki Lee - she just wanted some glamour pictures and never expected she'd end up bound, gagged and then finally stripped down to her underwear and hogtied... " with five new pages of text about running the Trannies In Trouble website - fourteen years online today and still going! 01/27/17 Introducing sexy Roxy Amaya, smartly dressed in that blue blouse, strictly tied up, harness gagged, then hogtied, vetwrapped and blindfolded - this girl can take it - and deserves it too! 01/20/17 Jasmine Wong returns and shows off her panties under her burgundy dress, first chairtied then frogtied with her legs spread, cleave gagged and then clear tape tightly sealing up her lips... Gibbons, tied up tight, cleave gagged with pantyhose, disciplined with the ruler, OTM gagged and left to consider her behavior, all for her own good... 12/16/16 Kiora returns and ends up disciplined in her prim white blouse and cute plaid skirt, bound up like a package with a big pair of panties shoved in her mouth, then cleave gagged with panyhose, then OTM gagged... 12/13/16 New Video Clip: Brenda Nicole criss-cross tape gagged, wearing her corset and shiny red pvc skirt, then chairtied, pantyhose hooded, taunted and left to consider her fate..least she got what she wanted... 12/09/16 Brenda Nicole never thought it would happen again! She tries to hide but ends up lashed down to a chair with panties shoved in her mouth and mega duct tape gagged, then hooded, Hitachi'ed and abandoned... 08/30/16 New Video Clip: More with Monique CD, her ordeal continues, tied up and tape gagged on the bed and molested with the Hitachi by Sandra, maybe being abducted isn't so bad after all... 08/26/16 Chairtied Hitachi session for Sandra, in her peach top, stockings and flippy skirt, bound by Delilah with her legs spread and the Hitachi tied in place, no escaping its good vibrations... 08/19/16 Rich Brat Kyra Pixie returns, spending a night in her upscale hotel room she gets some mysterious phone calls and ends up all taped up...Three different outfits, all innocent, with numerous ties and gags, strapped, bound, ball gagged, spider gagged, single gloved, posture collared, some microfoam tape, and Hitachi'ed 69 pictures Mon. returns showing off her bling in her sparkly silver dress, tied up and first gagged with a leather strap gag, then stuffed and sealed with vetwrap, then black pvc tape over that and left hogtied and blindfolded... 06/13/17 New Video Clip: Shana realized her trip to L. maybe wasn't such a good idea after all - tied up in her blue slip, tight microfoam tape sealing up her panty-stuffed mouth, and finally hogtied and left helpless with her eyes taped up too... 05/12/17 Cute TS Miki Lee "persuaded" to return for more, tied standing in the jail cell in her white top and cute flared skirt, then cleave gagged and forced to endure the Hitachi whether she wants to or not... 05/09/17 New Video Clip: Dani Doll first leather strap gagged, then cleave gagged with panties shoved in her mouth, and finally semi-clear tape added over that and spread out helpless on her back with her legs spread... 05/05/17 Dani Doll in her red dress and leather corset, first leather strap gagged, then her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged, and finally laid out in bed with her legs spread wide and tied off to the frame... 05/01/17 New Video Clip: Just because Sandra's taped up doesn't mean she can't struggle from room to room - all taped up with floortape, taunted and doused with wine by Tim Woodman, then finally left in the bathtub... 04/28/17 Classy lady Sandra in her black cocktail dress surprised and taped up by Tim Woodman, her mouth stuffed and sealed, then restrained in extra-sticky floortape, she tries to scurry away and ends up doused with a bottle of wine over her head... 04/24/17 New Video Clip: Monique gets a massage from Sandra who suggests some special techniques to heighten the experience, all strapped up, panel gagged, pantyhose hooded, blindfolded and Hitachi'ed... 04/21/17 Monique returns in her sexy off-the-shoulder dress; things had been stressful lately and she just wanted a nice massage from Sandra but ended up strapped up, panel gagged and finally pantyhose hooded and blindfolded... 04/14/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her tight white top, stockings and flared skirt, bound, collared and ball gagged, she just keeps showing off her panties while helpless with a tight crotchrope 65 pictures Tues.12/11/17 New Video Clip: Sandra hooded and helpless by Michael Keye, dressed in her bow neck blouse and pencil skirt, laced up and restrained as an objectified bondage slave, waiting for her release if it ever comes... 12/08/17 Classy lady Sandra returns in her bow neck blouse and zippered skirt - she ends up panel gagged, laced into the bondage gloves and seriously hooded and hogtied by Michael Keye, no escape possible! 12/04/17 New Video Clip: Cute Allison Li finds herself in trouble again, dressed in her leggings and flirty skirt, all taped up with her mouth stuffed and sealed, she realizes she's about to be transported to the mountains if the demands aren't met soon... 12/01/17 Allison Li returns in her cute top and leggings, just back from a day out shopping when she finds herself in more trouble, tightly duct taped, her mouth stuffed and sealed up, then pantyhose hooded as she waits and wonders if the ransom is going to be paid... 11/27/17 New Video Clip: Paige Andrews chairtied and posture collared and about to be microfoam tape gagged with panties shoved in her mouth, looks like it's going to be a long night for a reluctant bondage model... 11/24/17 Paige Andrews returns in her classy white dress, dark hair and sexy platform heels; her long weekend continues and she makes the best of it uncomfortably chair tied, posture collared and microfoam tape gagged for the night ahead... 11/20/17 New Video Clip: Ninja Spy Kaitlynn was just going to break into the dungeon to retrieve that USB drive but found herself face to face with the owner, Sandra - wrestled to the ground, tied, cleave gagged with panties, hogtied and tormented with the Hitachi... 11/17/17 Looks like Ninja Spy Kaitlynn Nguyen needs a little more training! just wanted to have some sexy bondage play but learned she was being set up, tied in her sparkly dress, leather strap gagged, then onscreen gagged with panties, vetwrap and tape, and finally hogtied and blindfolded... 04/11/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in her classy beige dress bound and ballgagged by Tim Woodman, then surprised with a pantyhose hood while secured and stuck in the closet for a very long weekend... 04/07/17 Sandra just wanted to enjoy a nice bondage session but after finding herself completely bound and gagged she learned that her binder Tim Woodman was actually hired by her wife to collect "evidence." Uh oh, maybe not such a good idea after all 42 pictures Tues. returns in her skimpy black vinyl outfit, meeting a client at the motel she tried to look through his wallet but found herself instead tied up in the closet and then left bound and ball gagged on the bed... 03/14/17 New Video Clip: Dani Doll held captive in her tight black mermaid dress, first ball gagged then cleave gagged with panties in her mouth, held for the amusement of that creepy guy and finally left hogtied and pantyhose hooded... 03/10/17 Dani Doll returns in her flouncy mermaid dress, she just wanted to do some modeling then noticed the mattress on the floor, tied in lots of white rope with a big ballgag, then later cleave gagged and pantyhose hooded... 03/07/17 New Video Clip: Red Maid Sandra in lots of rope, panel gagged with panties shoved into her mouth by the mysterious Mistress, then struggling while standing and finally hogtied on the hard kitchen floor () Fri. returns in her crop top and pleated skirt, bad things seem to keep happening in motel rooms as she finds herself in a fix for looking so cute, tied, tape gagged and finally lashed off to the bathroom door... 01/10/17 New Video Clip: Feisty ice skater Kyra Pixie in trouble, tied, pvc tape gagged, then wide layers of duct tape over that and forced to endure the Hitachi, struggling furiously to no avail... 01/06/17 Ice skater Kyra Pixie never should have gone to that motel room, tied up and tape gagged in matching blue tape, then duct tape added over that making her cheeks bulge, pissed off and helpless..Hitachi'ed 49 pictures Tues.

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